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Our Founders

Our founders, John and Christina Revolinski moved to Fairfield, Iowa, in 1980 to meditate in the Golden Domes at Maharishi University with the hundreds who gathered there to create world peace. They started a home food business in 1992 to supplement John’s earnings at a local non-profit. 

When 12-year-old Donald came home from school with a watercolor he titled, “A Spring Sunrise,”  the business became “Spring Sunrise Natural Foods.”  

On April 18, 2018 the company moved into the new “ghee house,” a production facility they built beside Maharishi Vedic City.

Traditionally Produced

We produced our ghee in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa using traditional Ayurvedic methods. 

Our building is designed according to Vedic principles, allowing the nourishing influence of the sun to promote health and well-being. The building faces due east, has large windows, and has overall proportions and other features that encourage positivity.

It is designed according to “Vastu,” principles of architecture from ancient India which align the building, its inhabitants, and the goods produced there with the positive and life-supporting influences of Nature.

Sustainably Produced

We have been sustainably produced our organic grass fed ghee in our solar powered Iowa kitchen. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality organic grass fed ghee in an environmentally sustainable way by reducing our carbon footprint and using the sun to power our kitchen.

Our mission is to bring you the most refined and soothing gift from nature for your total nourishment!


Our butter comes from cows with year-round access to green grass. This gives our ghee its rich color and flavor.

USDA Certified Organic

We only uses 100% USA-produced, certified organic unsalted butter from happy grass-fed cows to produce our ghee.

Sustainably Produced

We have been sustainably making ghee with traditional Ayurvedic methods since 1992 in our solar powered Iowa kitchen.

Taste The Difference!

Give our ghee a try and taste the difference! Our butter comes from cows with year-round access to green grass. This gives our ghee its rich color and flavor. We promise it is Ghee-licious!