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Some notes about our ghee

If you have trouble opening the lid…Ghee condenses slightly when it solidifies, and this can sometimescreate a vacuum inside the jar that makes it difficult to open. Ifthis has happened to your jar, simply place it under hot water for afew minutes. This will decrease the pressure inside, and it will openmore easily.Ghee partially melted or separated?This can happen when ghee is shipped in very warm weather. To restorethe ghee, first melt it completely by placing the jar under hot waterfor several minutes, or by removing the cap and placing the jar in theoven (on a tray) at a low temperature until the ghee melts completely.Close the lid and place in the refrigerator. This will re-set it to asolid state.Ghee does not require refrigeration, but it is best to store it awayfrom direct sunlight.