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Spring Sunrise Organic Popcorn - 2lb Bag

Spring Sunrise Organic Popcorn - 2lb Bag

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Our organic yellow popcorn puffs into delicious fluffy kernels, with a taste and texture that rivals popcorn at movie theaters.

Best when popped in Spring Sunrise Organic Ghee!

  • High smoke point of ghee means it does not break down at temperatures need to pop the corn
  • Ghee makes popcorn digest well
  • Adds a delicate buttery taste 

Add some extra melted ghee on top. Make the best popcorn you’ve ever had! 

Our Ghee is...


All of our cows enjoy a life filled with with wide open pastures and green grasses to produce our traditional Ayurvedic ghee

USDA Certified Organic

We only uses 100% USA-produced, certified organic unsalted butter from happy grass-fed cows to produce our ghee. 

Sustainably Produced

We have been sustainably making ghee with traditional Ayurvedic methods since 1992 in our solar powered Iowa kitchen.